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  1. I am also awaiting my reimbursed VIP E, thank you. I'm sure the mods haven't forgotten about all of us right?
  2. Yeah i feels bad but im not quitting yet. Gonna take a new approach this time
  3. I'm sure others were caught. I received a delayed ban today. No such thing as flawless bots, if you bot, you will eventually get caught.
  4. Make that 3 accounts banned today, another account just received a delayed ban. I was using looking glass on all of the bots. So far a total of 5 main accounts banned.
  5. The client hooks are working again, the client grabs the equipment, however the problem that when my character gets close to boarding the boat to fight zulrah, the client stops and shuts down due to error.
  6. I appreciate all the comments here, as they were useful information for me. Thank you, and free bump.
  7. You can try but LG will be very laggy with just two accounts doing zulrah and will result in more deaths than 1 account alone.
  8. Hi, thanks for following

  9. No none were using LG. (Waiting to see if the other three accounts get banned). Purchased unlimited auths 1 month zulrah slayer. Owned the zulrah bot for 3-4 days as of today's date. Botted twice a day about 4-6 hr each time with 4-6 hour break in between. When babysitting the bot, I noticed the accounts kept getting kicked off or logged off by disconnection. (Go find my recent post yesterday 12/06/2017 in worthys zulrah slayer thread "keep getting kicked off but it's not internet lag") Had to wait 60 seconds to relog onto the accounts but this happened about 10-15 times for each account within the 4-6 hr interval. I knew something was strange so ATM im assuming that it was jagex's bot watch detection that continued to kick off my accounts. Im not sure if the bots were in the same world, don't hold me to it but I don't think they were. KDR was about 2-3K/1D (6-9kills per hr up until I kept getting continuously disconnected which made my accounts die a lot). gear was max main in void gear. It may be because of server lag which osrs servers have been lagging hard the past two days.
  10. Looking glass doesn't make $ as fast as the regular client but LG is supposed to give botters the peace of mind.. just IMO.
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