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  1. prest

    buying credits via BTC

    Just bought 14 credits using btc and dont get it, do i have to wait more time or something?
  2. prest

    Bot is not working on my VPS

    Reinstall os to CENTOS 6 it should help
  3. prest

    Bot is not working on my VPS

    It does not work i think. I should see the what terminal says.
  4. prest

    Payment failed

    nop, it doesnt works with firefox too
  5. prest

    Payment failed

    Hello, i have been trying to buy credits from my paypal account but it says: Payment failed: We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent. im using google chrome, and no vpn or proxy, can someone help me? This is forst time when i try tu buy credits,