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  1. so ive been useing ur script for a while now and all of a sudden it will just sit at the sac and stays there just clicking it even tho its empty
  2. thanks guys rather wait to use ur bot than ever going back to the shitty ones !!
  3. yeh its a feature for the best vip i would wait tho till look glass is back up to buy it . the main scripter/owner is haveing some personal issues and is dealing with them as he should first . so hopefully soon he will be better and like will be back to normal
  4. No website its a feature for VIP-E u have to have the best vip to use it and its an option when u open tribot
  5. Fitty


    man u got me way too pumped thinking Looking glass was back up when i just saw the title in the recent posts xD but congratz !
  6. eh it happens you know. been botting for years and tribot has been the best sofar with over 100 hour on a mule straight no ban. so if we gotta wait we gotta wait. could be worse could be powerbot hahahha
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