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  1. Anyone else experiencing this problem? Last 3 accounts I've made have been nearly insta-banned (scripted and non scripted tutorial island.)
  2. What do you mean? The script has an adjustable KC percentage.
  3. Some skills are more obvious to the system. Thieving and rune crafting normally will result in a permaban/two day. I'm assuming because its a slow paced skill that no ones going to actually do for 6 hours at a time. I'd just take what you got and leave unless you're using a premium script you haven't had issues with before. I've had a two day on one of my accounts and was still able to bot from 80-90 smithing before i was caught again.
  4. Hey @Netami, was wondering if the script supports the Arceuus spell-book barrows teleport or is it only the tabs? I know it's not listed as a method but I wanted to ask before I get the favour and test it myself. ?
  5. I'm pretty sure when you tick off the "use prayer" option it will still flick on the prayer but shouldn't sacrifice supplies to that brother besides food. I recommend you change the order of the brothers so you can use prayer on the 3 you would like. If you're out of prayer points the script won't drink a potion when engaging them in combat. Just sitting there with full prayer on a brother you don't plan on using prayer against is redundant. Prayer will go down regardless of it being on.
  6. Thanks brother. Love the script, haven't seen one so flawless in a while. ?
  7. I believe it would be a script issue since the update was done to the puzzle screen itself. Doesn't seem to be anything too complicated, script just cant tell its on the new screen. Gonna try running in developer mode and keep y'all updated on its status. UPDATE: Not working in either mode. Gonna have to wait on word from Netami-san
  8. run script in development mode. When you initially open the client check the box. fixed the script for me so far bois. Baby sit script and use cheap gear at first. ?
  9. I don't think Netami is on here during weekends. Probably hear from em early tomorrow.
  10. Yeah this is bizarre. The script didn't pray flick previously.
  11. Any Idea when Prayer API will be fixed?
  12. It's because I used a charge on my glory I had equipped. It was being read as a different piece of equipment. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. Script is stopping once it gets to dharok when I rerun the script(he's my first kill). I'll have my mage attire equipped but the debug keeps reading it as false. Had to switch the order of my brothers, and it fixed itself. Kinda odd, seems like a small bug.
  14. Well I've run many bots in my time, I must say this is VERY well made. A lot of attention and thought put into this bad boy. Got me a statuette during my trial period, and I Instantly purchased the script after it expired. Gotta say thank you for this one god ?.
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