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  1. Thanks @YoHoJo that info really helps :)!
  2. When creating an account for a bot farm, I am assuming the best way to utilise a proxy is to create the account with the proxy that you intend to use the account with? Does this mean that the account has to be created through the Tribot client with the proxy? or is there another way to get the account created and off tutorial island with the proxy with another browser, client etc..? Thanks in advance
  3. I can do it for 6M today, start to finish no stopping. PM me on here or reply with your discord if you want, Luke.
  4. Hello, Sorry for the delay I went offline. Most recently I work mostly with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP. As for e-commerce systems nowadays a lot of people/clients that aren't huge company's are opting for e-commerce hosting partners such as Bigcommerce, shopify, EKMpowershop (the list goes on) but they all share the same commonalities which is that they use there own global commands. In the past I have had the chance to work on bigger projects and they are usually hosted on some variant of an opensource shopping software such as OSCommerce ect. As for them being custom built, most of the projects I have worked on have to be customized in some way no matter how small or large as the templates for e-commerce websites aren't the best. Thanks for your interest, Luke.
  5. Lukeb96

    scam site

    I have to admit I did have a little laugh when I looked at the website. But in all seriousness if it looks like they made the website in an hour, stay away.
  6. Do you own a current website which needs changes implementing? or are you currently working on a project but you may be struggling ect... I have been front end developing for around 6 years (made a career out of it) and I have gained a lot of knowledge from this community over the past couple of years (browsing the site) and I think its time to give a little something back with my skill set. I am not looking for large sums of payment, but a tip for a job well done wouldn't go a miss (OSRS GP). I specialize in E-commerce but I do webpages / websites from time to time nowadays. Anyways if you guys need any help I am all ears, just reply or drop me a PM. Thanks, Luke.
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