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Everything posted by weizhen123

  1. @Usait always choose to have the requirements of the total channel cause unable to enter the game, can avoid choose to have the requirements of the channel
  2. He sometimes stop in choosing the interface of the world @[email protected]
  3. i used 24 tuna per trip,but still can't eat @Usa
  4. when bots change world,it will not pick up bones
  5. @Usa the script always can't pick up anything.
  6. @Usa Can you tell me, how long can solve this problem? Or tell me how to operate to solve this problem ,(the usa dragon killer,(kill green dragon),can't got to green dragon location ,always use the game necklace.)
  7. the usa dragon killer,(green dragon),When change the channel, it always use games necklace, can't get to dragon station [email protected]
  8. hello,which script can kill green dragon ,after the USA dragon killer update,i looked it kill lava dragon. @Usa
  9. @Usathe usa dragon killer is broken,when it in the wild,it always click game neck ,can't go to dragon station, Please check as soon as possible .thanks
  10. why the usa dragon killer can't work? it can't go to dragon station ,
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