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  1. blankeffect


    I was actually curious about this as well. Thank you for confirming that for me.
  2. also.. be aware that you purchase the credits first.. then purchase the script. goto tribot repository or script area, make sure u are logging in, and activate. sorry for so many directions, just trying to get everything in case I've misinterpreted or missed something in the issue.
  3. I see! you said you Uninstalled. just go back to the website and click deactivate on there and reactivate.. hopefully it should pop back into your script load
  4. not at all, they work great and are simple to use. make sure your username on the website matches the username you have on tribot/ being the same registered account you bought the script from. search for the sctipt you purchased and make sure it's activated did you activate a trial? a trial will deactivate auto until purchase.
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