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  1. TriBot support RS3?

    It used to support RS3 thats why you see all of that.
  2. LG Can't find OSRS

    Not sure if you meant this when you said "any client" but have you tried it with OSbuddy?
  3. Just curious did you have any of those accounts on the same IP? Just wondering if Jagex actively looks at how many accounts are running on the same IP/Computer.
  4. I really just like botting as more of a hobby and when I saw this script I thought it would have some potential and just bought the 20$ unlimited auths option. I can say I am very pleased with this script! It works perfectly and have never received a single bug or problem, the GUI is amazing with so many wonderful built in features and antiban options. I personally am leveling an account from level 1 mining using this script and currently am level 74 mining. I will update thread if the account gets banned and on the next account I think I will test the progressive mining and some other locations besides motherload mine. P.S. I strongly encourage to use the antiban features, with them activated I feel the account is a normal person playing when watching it really is incredible!
  5. TRiBot Release 9.305_7/8

  6. What's your favorite password manager and why?

    notepad tbh
  7. Proxies

    If you are having problems with accounts being locked it might not be your proxies/VPN and may be that exTutorial has been heavily botted in the past and Jagex has great software to fight it, not sure if that is your problem but when I use exTutorial all my accounts get locked...
  8. World hop

    On one of the scripts I have been using if you just disable world hop and make sure the bot starts on a good world then it works fine, not sure if your script has that ability or not.
  9. Please help with VPS

    ty im stupid haha
  10. Please help with VPS

    Mind linking me to someone?
  11. Please help with VPS

    So I bought a VPS from VPSgamers as suggested by some and first off, does anyone have experience with looking glass on this VPS? If I download osbuddy what program do I execute the osbuddy file with? Second off, I just decided to run some accounts through tutorial Island and the accounts were locked within like 5 min of usa's tutorial script running... I am new to botting and more wanna do it as a hobby, but just confused how the accounts could be locked on a brand new ip so quickly...
  12. Looking for Advice

    For suicide botting should i just run my scripts 24/7 or still have breaks?