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  1. https://gyazo.com/743af410e6f766bad1ca94ab1220c6cc 10m stack, items fall off randomly still happy with the two accounts.
  2. @TacoManStan Pricing is different, completely different market
  3. The bot ended up repeatedly spamming world hopping, not sure if this has been addressed before. Because of this, one of my accounts have been banned. If I've not deselected something, tell me what to do. If it's an issue with tribot, let me know. If it's a script issue, let me know. Thanks
  4. Chances of getting banned for idling for 6 hours lmao?
  5. Any particular reason that the bot logs in, idles and doesn't buy anything? Could it be to do with my settings, if so, could someone pm me their settings (not items) and let me see if that works. Thanks, Lowie
  6. Can someone link me to a guide on how to use this bot please. EDIT: For the settings for the items, i don't really understand most of the options. I don't want someones list, i will find my own.
  7. Turns out the proxy on the login required you to press enter on each one rather than click off it.
  8. I've made a proxy in the proxy editor, it's saved and i can select it. But i cannot select it on the page where i log in. When i launch a new advanced client, select the proxy it loads, but the proxy in the runtime information tab is still set to none.
  9. i deleted the tribot folder, i also cannot seem to use the proxy service.
  10. When you're not selling them, people will still want them. Secondly, they're mine for the next 20 or so days in of which i can do as i wish. It didn't say anywhere that i couldn't exchange owners of the proxies.
  11. Bought from TBT, they will be usable from now till the 1st of next month. 3m per proxy. skype: LoweHD
  12. 2 hours on his "private" ip and single offence instant ban.