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  1. Sheet has been updated as of October 22nd. Prices updated alongside adding more common packages. I have removed the huge quest list sheet tab. If what you are looking for is not on the commonly requested packages, please contact me for individual price quotes. Bitcoin is now an accepted form of payment. Thank you. Hi there, I used to quest pre-eoc on a couple of sites, but mostly been around the clan world. Terms - Under no circumstance do I do any skilling. I will do quests to reach levels, but I will not go out of my way to train your account. The exception being if you are willing to pay my Questing Rate as designated in my Quest Sheet. - Only RSGP is accepted. Although I am posting on a blackmarket site, I do not bot or RWT **I have teamed up with somebody. Bitcoin is now an accepted form of payment, PM me on discord to discuss rates** - Everything is completed by me. I do not have any partners or bots, so depending on order size, I may not be the quickest service in accepting orders, but I will always let you know when I am available - I prefer having the money on the account for payment + extra for supplies. If you do not want to do this way I will go half & half or use a middleman service - I am willing to screenshare me questing on your account - These prices are not for Iron-Men, or under "specialty accounts", such as 1 prayer. These prices will be discussed on discord. - Commonly requested Quests are public on the sheet. I do ALL quests. If the quest you are wanting is not on the list, I provide free quotes. Ask me on discord! - Not responsible for locked/muted/banned accounts Contact Methods - SwiftIRC under the alias "derek" - Discord under derek#9156 Quest Sheet for Prices (As of October 22 2018) Quest Sheet Status: Available Vouches (From TriBot Users): None as of yet, many off-site You will find my prices are quite cheap, much cheaper than mostly everyone else. if this dissuades you, then I have vouches from off-site questing. I am simply posting here to broaden my audience. Most recent achievement would be completing DS2 with these stats/gear
  2. Message derek#9156 on discord. Accepting paypal/btc/skrill.
  3. With the release of the new worlds, world hopping is broken again
  4. Operating System: Windows 7 Java Version: Issue I'm Having: World hopper not working What Script I'm trying to use: Private script, but uses tribot worldhopping api
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