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  1. how many kills u get per trip im getting 2 but a lot of times 1 it fucks my gp per hour i am nearly maxed
  2. im often only getting 1 kill a trip, 2 max 70% of the time. what up with that im 96 mage 92 range
  3. it was the issue with looking glass on my mac. ur script is awesome, sorry for doubting lmao. i just bought it- everyone i'd recommend the same.
  4. is there a script that cuts a tree then burns it with tinderbox right away?
  5. https://gyazo.com/14bd9bbe8d70c5055c2fe37ad5130ac4 i switched it to the prayer flcik from rock cake both dont work. same with prayer--wont flick anymore like before
  6. ok of rs or the set up of the script the issue is it keeps switching off to another tab other than my inventory i have to click my intentory for it to eat the cake
  7. i did and its going back in but now it like doesnt eat the rock cake i have to babysit it and go to inventory so it clicks othrwise it goes to where cake is but on my ivnentory or skill section
  8. it was going but it wasnt working now it completley stopped. when it wasnt working it wouldnt eat the rock cake or flick rapid restore so i just gained my hp back
  9. like its not working anymore but it was it says : [16:31:26] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Stopping script (1). Message: 0
  10. it says [16:25:30] We are stopping because you have played: 2 and you had in the gui to play2 what does that mean
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