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  1. Ever thought about adding a birdhouse run to it? Would be pretty easy thinking about it. Run to barb assault bank withdraw hammer, chisel, 4 logs, seeds, and necklace do birdhouses tele to barb assault bank deposit go back to fishing obviosuly it could go to other locations as welll but I feel like the majority are barb fishing at ottos grotto or even fishing guild which just replace games neck with skills neck
  2. Not sure if this has been asked, but will it keep clues in the inventory or drop them like everything else?
  3. Still does the same thing even without the break handler. When I die, it stands at shantay bank and tries to bank the coin pouch. I've lost probably 1.5m in loot dying like this so far.
  4. So whenever I have the Tribot break handler active (this doesn't happen a lot but does seldom happen) it almost seems like it freezes any action by the script even if I'm in combat. End result is I die. Sometimes I'm close by and can pick up the GP I lost, but sometimes I forget that script is running or whatever. Now, the script will get back to shantay pass no problem BUT it continually tries to bank the coin pouch instead of open it and it banks the rogues gear instead of re-wear it. I'm not using the break handler at this point and just manually breaking, but is there anything you could do about it?
  5. When blackjacking and buying wines, can you make it to where it leaves at least one open space for coin pouches. I noticed watching it today that it’ll fill up on wine and jugs and if it doesn’t already have a spot for the coin pouch you’re just shit out of luck until you catch the issue. Additionally, I keep dying and it’ll get stuck at the Shantay pass bank. Luckily I’ve caught it in time to not lose my coins from thieving but, maybe something to look into. And the problem I posted above regarding cakes still persists. Thanks.
  6. I would also like to report that when blackjacking using the cake method with noted cakes in inventory, when the script starts it works fine, but after it eats it's first piece of cake or whatever it just stops and doesn't continue. I manually ate the 2/3 and 1/3 cake to see what would happen and it continued until it needed to eat again.
  7. Love the script while it works, however when blackjacking and using the option for wines, or just hopping worlds for any instance, it does this until it fixes itself. I just feel it’s super botty looking and not a good feeling about it. Additionally, it will try and go to the 1750 total world’s etc which I don’t have but it gets stuck. 1EE8CDCD-B07D-414C-AC5F-231F5BB26BDA.MOV
  8. Love the script, been using it on numerous accounts. I'm beginning to experience just a bit of trouble with the break handler/bot when running recently. If I start the script logged out, it'll log in and go right to doing Oak doors no issues. When the break handler logs me out, and the script restarts from there, it times out and stops. Any fix to this? Bot Debug: Client Debug: Additionally, it was mentioned before about a little lower XP rates. I run about 180k p/h for Oak doors. I know by hand you can get roughly 450k+ p/h and I know botting I'll take a hit, so I'm not incredibly worried about it, but anything to boost it at all? My multiplier is 0.2 and I'm running through the Tribot client. Thanks for your time and attention.
  9. Uhh currently no, I had just gone back to doing oak larders. I left the default I think 0.5x setting in.
  10. @Worthy I was running Oak doors last night and noticed that the XP p/h was roughly the same as Oak larders. As I watched it, it seemed that it took had increased reaction time to all of its' movements. Anyway to speed it up?
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