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  1. Buying bulk nature runes.... Buying 100k daily. pm me and will talk about prices and amounts
  2. Buy all pure ess, pm me on here and we can talk about price.
  3. Are you going to upload a easter egg and easter ring finder?
  4. ive decompiled the script, changed the id. Now i need to recompile it but im not sure how to do this. Could anyone help?
  5. Is anyone good in Visual basic that could help me to make a hit predictor. I need to make it using VB. If you could help that would be great. Pm me
  6. Ive decompiled a .class file changed some thing around now i want to recompile it but when i do this and try to run it in tribot. the script fill doesn't come up. how can i get it to work?
  7. i wouldnt keep any party hats, mod mat k said hes going to drop so many on the last day that there going to go down to about 100-200k each.Plus there coming out each year,
  8. Are people getting banned by a jmod or how else can you get banned for hopping in and out of the game. sorry if this is a dumb question lol
  9. when is says theres a rare near by but off screen!!. Does that mean it says it then logs off or it trys to look for it. just trying to figure out why it said it so many times and and a different times. gf on those phats lol.
  10. been using fally garden. Got 3 last night and 1 today. let me know if ya get anything.