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The Black Tux

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Everything posted by The Black Tux

  1. The Black Tux

    Need help from admin/mod

    Has to be fixed by admins @Usa @Todd
  2. The Black Tux

    Credit purchase help please.

    Make sure that the verified paypal email here: https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/purchase_credits/?pp_panel=1 matches your pp main email
  3. The Black Tux

    Guys help me with this please.

    Yes, I meant the RS3 game settings.
  4. The Black Tux

    Guys help me with this please.

    Can you please screenshot your GFX settings?
  5. The Black Tux

    Getting refunded for Broken premium scripts

    Here: https://tribot.org/forums/forum/172-script-dispute/ Read the stickies first.
  6. The Black Tux

    Just A Prayer

    You should record a 1 minute video so we can see how well timing is done.
  7. The Black Tux

    Tribot Client Lag/FPS Issues

    leave lite mode enabled. paint delay at 20 is 50fps, I'd recommend that.
  8. The Black Tux

    Hacked today, from a tribute script (my theory)

    Scripts cannot access the stored passwords. And if the scripts is listening to the keyboard events, just for future prevention and guessing, run scripts after you are logged in.
  9. Keep it respectful and I'll keep it open.
  10. The Black Tux

    What makes a script slow down over time?

    Wrong scripting mostly. But do you mean the client starts lagging or what?
  11. I had a nice method of doing it, threaded too. I think it was by checking changes on the location of the actual tree object and see if it had been modified or w/e
  12. The Black Tux

    How many bots is safe to run on one IP

    48 hours straight is the only thing that scares me to be honest. I've ran 20 bots in one IP, but none of those had over 12 hours a day of botting
  13. The Black Tux


    Moved to requests
  14. The Black Tux

    So much for ABCL 10

    The antiban is implemented by the script, which follows the scheme defined by TRiLeZ, however it is still a script's thing.
  15. The Black Tux

    First Script

    Well it's a start, I hope you continue learning and improving!
  16. The Black Tux

    Answer this question please

    $6.50 through CC or BTC. $8 through PP, 3 to 4m rsgp.
  17. The Black Tux

    Not working

    You should contact the scripter and let them know the bugs/issues. This is not a bot's problem. And stop the stupid fight.
  18. The Black Tux

    Congratulations to YoHoJo

  19. The Black Tux

    Question about switch statement in JavaScript

    You can either go with if/else if for the intervals. I don't know if you can do it in JS, but as TehRio said, you can simply no break and that would cover the intervals, you'd still have to put the case x: statements
  20. You bought extended... which is applied within 48 hours.

    1. enRAYYY


      Paypal had previously been used, attempted to contact you via skype with no reply.

      Thanks for finally setting up.

  21. Less than 10 hours left to comply with the dispute.

  22. If someone still copies and pastes the link, hopefully they notice... hopefully
  23. 19YvdBkYVGBM29W2YLDuXuMiStD8XNHHMu

    1. darkspec


      I paid but you are not responding to my messages, its been over an hour since i sent you the BTC. you was responding instantly before the trade then straight after you stopped replying. Please respond and give me my coins what i paid for..