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  1. To the asshole that...

    I hope that you keep your email safe.
  2. Need help from admin/mod

    Has to be fixed by admins @Usa @Todd
  3. Need Staff Help

    Does it appear in the user panel?
  4. Credit purchase help please.

    Make sure that the verified paypal email here: https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/purchase_credits/?pp_panel=1 matches your pp main email
  5. Paid for 20 credits and they havent come up in my account

    Merged topic. Let's hope this credits issue gets resolved soon
  6. So Jagex Messed Up

    Did you report the bug?
  7. Guys help me with this please.

    Yes, I meant the RS3 game settings.
  8. Paypal Chargeback Question

    Call your bank, don't handle the dispute through paypal, paypal won't do shit. And report the gold seller in every forum there is.
  9. Clearing cookies and jagex cashe

    Clear your browser's cookies and cache. And in your home directory, delete the jagex cache file. It might be hidden. Search for it
  10. Guys help me with this please.

    Can you please screenshot your GFX settings?
  11. were can i sell a runescape pure at?

    There are plenty of blackmarkets. I like Sythe, use a trusted middleman for your trade.
  12. Botting on an 11 year old account. Reduced risk?

    it has nothing to do, just make sure you use a good script and bot smart
  13. Getting refunded for Broken premium scripts

    Here: https://tribot.org/forums/forum/172-script-dispute/ Read the stickies first.
  14. Payment

    Call your bank for the specific reason as to it was declined, maybe they blocked it as precaution
  15. I cant buy credits?

    Can only be fixed by @TRiLeZ
  16. Just A Prayer

    You should record a 1 minute video so we can see how well timing is done.
  17. Tribot Client Lag/FPS Issues

    leave lite mode enabled. paint delay at 20 is 50fps, I'd recommend that.

    I'm not sure if free users can access the bot panel (just for killing instances), but if you can... https://tribot.org/botpanel/
  19. My theory has always been that they ID your computer based on HW specs, but that's just me.
  20. Hacked today, from a tribute script (my theory)

    Scripts cannot access the stored passwords. And if the scripts is listening to the keyboard events, just for future prevention and guessing, run scripts after you are logged in.
  21. When i log in with the client i get logged out within 5 seconds

    I'm guessing you haven't got banned. Mind checking your direct connection?
  22. As you are new you cannot use links, as it'd be advertising. For the time being, remove the links and use your Skype as the way to buy your services.
  23. Does Tribot work for mac?

    TRiBot is supported by any platform which has Java 7 update 67 and greater
  24. I'm a Monster I'm WYD

    This is getting so boring... cut out the childish behaviour.