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The Black Tux

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  1. If the script's author doesn't help you, feel free to make a script dispute.
  2. @TRiLeZ this has something to do with CF.
  3. I hope that you keep your email safe.
  4. Has to be fixed by admins @Usa @Todd
  5. Does it appear in the user panel?
  6. Welcome to my gold shop! CHEAP PRICES ALWAYS Payment methods: PaypalSkrillWestern UnionMoneyGramXoomBank TransferSimilarDepends on amount and payment method Skype: tbt_sythe Thanks!
  7. Make sure that the verified paypal email here: https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/purchase_credits/?pp_panel=1 matches your pp main email
  8. Merged topic. Let's hope this credits issue gets resolved soon
  9. Java 8 Update 60? It's having some issues. Remove TRiBot and re-download for the time being.
  10. Did you report the bug?
  11. Yes, I meant the RS3 game settings.
  12. Call your bank, don't handle the dispute through paypal, paypal won't do shit. And report the gold seller in every forum there is.
  13. Clear your browser's cookies and cache. And in your home directory, delete the jagex cache file. It might be hidden. Search for it
  14. Can you please screenshot your GFX settings?
  15. There are plenty of blackmarkets. I like Sythe, use a trusted middleman for your trade.
  16. it has nothing to do, just make sure you use a good script and bot smart
  17. Have you ever been able to run the client and this is recent or the issue has happened since install?
  18. Do you get any errors while launching up?
  19. Here: https://tribot.org/forums/forum/172-script-dispute/ Read the stickies first.
  20. Call your bank for the specific reason as to it was declined, maybe they blocked it as precaution
  21. Restarting the PC won't ever help, as the session is maintained server-side, use the instance manager as chrismoon said
  22. Can only be fixed by @TRiLeZ
  23. You should record a 1 minute video so we can see how well timing is done.