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  1. You can do it here: https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/purchase_credits/?pp_panel=1
  2. Just sent you a message on skype about a gift card

  3. Hi, I'm selling all AWS services with 30% off. My skype is tbt_sythe Thanks!
  4. Hello! I recently won a server auction at WHT of a HUGE server: Server Spec's: Dual Quad X5560 (8 cores, 16 threads) 64GB DDR3 ECC Memory 6x 146GB 15K RPM SAS (SW RAID 10) Unmetered 100Mbps Connection 1 Public IP Address (Additional IP's are $2/mo per IP) Remote Access IPMI Card (KVM, Reboot & Virtual Media) And well, I don't need that much and for the price I won it ($55) it's VERY CHEAP and I don't want it to go to waste. Anyone want to share it with me? I currently have it virtualized with KVM and have allocated myself a 16GB with 8 threads VPS for my websites and stuff. You could receive up to 4x the benefit vs any normal provider if you share a part of this server with me. Let me know if you are interested via skype. Thanks, TBT
  5. I hope that you keep your email safe.
  6. Has to be fixed by admins @Usa @Todd
  7. Glad it could be solved. Closed Dispute complete.
  8. You will need a PM or a post where he says that that's his Skype. If this was a three-way skype scam, I'm sorry, but it's your fault. For Butta: Don't ever confirm just saying "skype". Next time you get a warning.
  9. Does it appear in the user panel?
  10. There's no real evidence he scammed. Unless he used a home proxy or something. But can't prove :/ My recommendation is to use secured, non-related-to-RS VPS services. I know many if you to hit me up in skype. Sorry for your loss mate.
  11. Do you still have access to the VPS? Care to provide me with the logins through PM?
  12. Make sure that the verified paypal email here: https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/purchase_credits/?pp_panel=1 matches your pp main email
  13. Merged topic. Let's hope this credits issue gets resolved soon
  14. Did you report the bug?
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