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  1. when is the next update for this? it seems a lot of people been getting banned using this, a bit hesitated to purchase from all the recent feedback.
  2. Xmouse_data-37452-1480027763066.dat
  3. [11:03:31] Could not load human mouse data. Reason: Human mouse data encryption key not found. when i try to bot goblins, it wont attack, but just keep clicking on random points and walks around.
  4. bot stuck on opening gui. [19:27:19] Starting client. [19:27:57] Downloading script 'Tri AIO Combat & Magic'. [19:28:53] Argument: [19:28:53] Script Started: Tri AIO Combat & Magic. [19:28:53] opening gui The gui never opens
  5. whats do difficult about coding for rs3? link for docs|API and also would be nice if there are sample scripts I can look it. Is there a working client to load rs3 automatically in this?
  6. so does tribot still supports rs3? from what it seems most of the stuffs seem to be directed toward osrs. can someone also direct me toward some guides to start coding rs3 bots with tribots? thanks