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  1. i wish i read the comments before purchasing lmao i want a refund
  2. daxCombat v2

    Can't wait it looks the business
  3. daxCombat v2

    it runs to bank and won't open just stands in bank
  4. Estrogen Blockers Recommedation

    arimidex is the best by far do u live in uk i can hook u up
  5. anybody using this at the minute ?? haven't been on in months
  6. [ABCL10] nBarrows

    Jagex bans bots.. its your job not to look like one.. b gloves ? Ahrims ? God D hide ?
  7. [ABCL10] nBarrows

    update only bought the bot a few hours ago !
  8. [ABCL10] nBarrows

    tried the trial and couldn't resist buying it ty for such awesomeness
  9. Permaban after 3 hours

    without a doubt .. 100%
  10. Cow Master 9000

    can u add the other f2p cow spot ?
  11. does this do slayer tower ? aby demons & bank ?
  12. Jagex Mass Unban

    ive had numerous accounts unbanned , but anything thats acc hijacking/macro major wont get unbanned . ever
  13. any updates ? cant wait to get this purchased lol
  14. Can any1 help me??

    Recently just done a 10 wk cycle , test-400 tren-e eq 1ml 2ml 1ml 1xp/w Ive got no PCT and i desperately need some nolvadex, clomid or HCG does any1 have a source for some pct chemics?? TY
  15. [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer [Pyramid Plunder] [$6]

    ive done 99 thieving on 3 accounts now from 53 in under 4 weeks ... its flawless dude tysm