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  1. i wish i read the comments before purchasing lmao i want a refund
  2. Rhalala

    daxCombat v2

    Can't wait it looks the business
  3. Rhalala

    daxCombat v2

    it runs to bank and won't open just stands in bank
  4. Rhalala

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    Jagex bans bots.. its your job not to look like one.. b gloves ? Ahrims ? God D hide ?
  5. Rhalala

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    update only bought the bot a few hours ago !
  6. Rhalala

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    tried the trial and couldn't resist buying it ty for such awesomeness
  7. Rhalala

    Permaban after 3 hours

    without a doubt .. 100%
  8. Rhalala

    Cow Master 9000

    can u add the other f2p cow spot ?
  9. does this do slayer tower ? aby demons & bank ?
  10. Rhalala

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer [Pyramid Plunder]

    ive done 99 thieving on 3 accounts now from 53 in under 4 weeks ... its flawless dude tysm
  11. wit woo check this attitude out ! put your handbag away you little pudding i know what im talking about 1 hour looking glass no1 about to report me and it got a perm
  12. Rhalala

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer [Pyramid Plunder]

    Cheers bro , some proggies for u.
  13. Rhalala

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer [Pyramid Plunder]

    maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed ?>??????