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  1. Was working flawlessly yesterday, now it doesn't recognise the mummy dude to start the game it keeps leaving the room with him in .. idk if it is tribot monster/npc id's or what ? but ive done all the steps above and still have same issue m8 , sorry its not a "bug report " but i'm guessing i aint the only one with the issue Lol.
  2. trying the trial out .. looks flawless definately going to buy it .
  3. First ban in ages .. used it for >1 hour was already 95 hunter Lol nobody was around either ...
  4. Going to be perfectly honest but if half the other premium scripts get to this level , the ban rates are gonna drop like flies .. Literally botted flat out since the script was released and had no hassle at all ( MULTIPLE ACCS )
  5. Very good script thank u so much bro love the death walk been flawless for me so far.. 20 hours in ...
  6. Pmed Tri and he said script working flawless going to give it a go !
  7. Do u bot on brand new accounts ? Im pretty sure they watch brand new email made accounts like hawks .. every single one i made gets banned , the older accounts seem to get off with it Lol
  8. is this script still fully working any1 please ?
  9. Are u using looking glass at all m8? havent got vip anymore and havent botted for well over 2 years now but got 6 accs already 99 hunter..
  10. Write out a big ass post but then some catpcha code that didn't work came and slayed me and I can't recover the post so I'm going to try keep this one small cus I cba to write again It was mining rocks Basically what I think is happening is that it sleeps as soon as it mines rocks/uses obstacles (because it's out of combat then) then it fails and just stands there doing frig all Then obviously it dies since ring of life doesn't save many low hp fellas If there's anyway to stop sleeping completely from crossing ditch until "setting tile" inside inner ring I think it'll potentially fix it, who knows though... But yea it does look like it's sleeping after it mines the rocks but fails
  11. I'm wondering why it randomly just stops clicking the rocks or whatever sometimes? You'll find it doing it wherever, but if it does it in the outer ring abyss you're pretty much dead, even with a ring of life since my account is only 64 defence. I've used this script since it very first came out, it used to be a problem but it seems I'm waking up every morning atm and getting pouches again =.=.... USA dude what's causing the complete shutdown? After a while it'll continue to function as usual as I've watched it in the inner ring, but if its on the outer and you dont intervene, it'll die... basically a pic of it doing fuk all for 1min+ after watching it, any ideas why?