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  1. Despite you creating me a script that I paid hundreds for this year, sadly it needs updating. To which you are just reading my whatsapp messages and not answering at all. If you are no longer a premium scripter than I suggest you inform people instead of ignoring them.
  2. waiting for your reply man

  3. So if its been like this for months, why isn't anything being done to rectify this issue?
  4. Hello, I am using Zulrah slayer script. If I setup a break period, the break handler kicks in and logs out for X amount of time, however it doesn't log back in after the time has expired, but the script doesn't end. Example [19:55:04] Break Handler: Taking a break for: 00:13:05 It is now 21:56 and the bot still hasn't logged back in. It is random, sometimes it can last 20+ hours, sometimes it won't last that long. I have deleted my 'hooks.dat', still no luck. I am NOT using LG. Kind regards
  5. Amazing script. Big vouch for @Worthy. But you seriously need to create a break handler!!!
  6. My brother purchased 10 auths (instances) the other day, he ran 6/6 bots and they all stopped and got banned. This script is far from being good, however if the OP put the effort into coding this, it could be a really good bot. It attacks a dragon which is 7 squares away, rather than attacking a dragon which is 1 square away.
  7. don't just comment your feed back on that, at least provide feed back for the rest of the settings.
  8. Not saying its the scripts fault, just want an idea to prevent the ban. The account was 24 hours no breaks ( i think thats why ). My new settings: 1.5 hours with a break for 15 minutes, 4 accounts with premium proxies Few settings, too much to say on here. Whats the best mouse speed setting?
  9. 2 accounts instant permed im running 4 new accounts right now, fresh paid proxies, with breaks.. see how it goes
  10. Please worthy can you inbox me to ensure my account doesn’t get disabled. Most people are having success but my Accs get perm banned? I know your script is very good but I need to reduce ban rate. I got banned within 18 hours different ip
  11. Great script, will be using this for a while. Thanks a lot.
  12. Is this still working? I want to run 10 bots at once.
  13. Is this bot working? Does anyone know! Regards
  14. Has this issue been fixed? Looking at running a bot farm 50 accounts with this script. I have read your comments on this last page, and not going to purchase until clarification.
  15. @Einstein I am trying to change my profile picture - getting this error~ There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance.
  16. Druid has made me a lot of money with a private script since January, bugs happen and he fixes within 12 hours. Great guy!
  17. https://tribot.org/donations/ Loads a white blank screen - any help? thanks
  18. Any update on DaxWalker working + Banking? Cheers
  19. Gottaway

    Buying 20m OSRS

    Fingers crossed gold rises once OS Mobile is out.
  20. Gottaway

    Buying 20m OSRS

    gold sites pay more than this and they are a trusted firm. dont be a cheapskate and either pay bogla price or put your price up.
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