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  1. Probably buying/writing a private script. Last I knew, the ban rate has rather high for that method
  2. I've had the need to write both of these in a script currently under development. RSBuddy's price API didn't seem to update often enough (or just not return the proper data). The PriceLookup API uses Jagex's JSON API for their website. The Item ID to/from Name API uses a (relatively modern) list of IDs and Names which I added to database. Simply change the function being executed in the URL and enter the proper argument. Downloads can be found on my website below http://polycoding.com/osb/ Old School RuneScape Id to/from Name API Get an item's ID from its name. http://polycoding.com/osb/itemIdNames.php?getId=ITEM_NAME Get an item's name from its ID. http://polycoding.com/osb/itemIdNames.php?getName=ITEM_ID Polycoding Old School RuneScape Grand Exchange Price Lookup Usage public PriceLookup prices = new PriceLookup(); System.out.println(prices.getPriceById(1333)); //print price for Rune Scimitar by inputting ID System.out.println(prices.getPriceByName("rune scimitar")); //print price for Rune Scimitar by inputting name System.out.println(prices.getId("rune scimitar")); //getting the ID of Rune Scimitar using Polycoding API
  3. Polycoding

    Hi guys

    Hi everyone, been a long time since I've used tribot..i can see that its had substantial improvements! In the future I may be releasing a few scripts which will further the quality of the repo
  4. I've noticed that it doesn't not use games necklace to tele to burthrope. Otherwise, spectacular script --will buy it if it goes premium
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