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  1. @Druid got stuck at Draynor Master Farmers. It managed to switch into the quest tab, and I currently had that set to the Zeah favours... It just kept trying to click the location of my Lobsters (except in the wrong tab). It must've sat there for an hour before I noticed.
  2. Will check it out tomorrow after work. Thanks for being so open to suggestions! If you ever need a hand with testing something, let me know!
  3. So, I've noticed a couple things. When the special attack is activated the paint says that you've gained levels (they disappear as the boost wears off). Also, the spec isn't reactivated unless I have just come back from a trip to the bank, rather than when it is immediately available. *Currently testing at WC Guild Yews*
  4. Testing now, will let you know (the first spec worked).
  5. @Encoded Thanks for adding the WC Guild. One more question... Can you add support for the dragon axe special attack (gives +3).
  6. This is exactly what needed to be done. Thank you so much!
  7. Holthuysen

    Bot not working

    Same here, tried restarting, redownloading, etc... Two of Encoded's scripts just fail to start, aAgility clicks randomly. Must have something to do with today's update, as everything worked fine yesterday.
  8. @Encoded I mined iron in Ardy with shift dropping for 3 hours today, no issues. @Zebbiz You don't actually need to use the middle mouse button, you can just right click the ores. (I've been doing this since day one as I'm using a MacBook with a touchpad).
  9. Okay, thanks. I would offer one, but my main is the only account that has access to it ATM...
  10. Oh and @Encoded... I haven't had an opportunity to check, but does this script have Woodcutting Guild support?
  11. @Encoded thanks for the speedy update!
  12. Made an order for 10M OSRS, then realized you weren't online. Was in immediate need of gold, so I went to another seller. Sorry for the hassle, but could I get a refund? I sent you a message on your site as well! Thanks!
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