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  1. so its been going for a day now, running amazing, then this morning i start the script, kills 1 zulrah perfectly fine no issues, it goes in for the 2nd kill and decides to stop switching to range gear for blue phase and to not switch prayers. it just attacks with magic and eats and then when green phase comes up right after it switches to blowpipe and ranges green phase and also switches prayers to magic. so for some reason my bot keeps confusing the phases. i've deleted the tribot folder and regeared and set it all back up and it does the same thing. i even redownloaded the client.
  2. it loads fine and all, till it equipts all of my mage gear, then it goes looking for another guthix cloak in the bank even though it has it wielded already? and i did let it gear itself up at clan wars bank like you're suppose to. it pulls all them mage armor out including the cloak, equipts it, then checks the bank twice and the error says that it couldnt find a guthix cloak.
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