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  1. Never had issues transferring from mules to main selling account.
  2. xcendrox


    Just don't stake. There have been times where I would win win win win, and then I'd stop. Come back later and win lose, lose, lose lose, then I;m back to where I started or less. Had you not staked you'd still have the 250m. If you enjoy staking, bring 10m stake, win, bank the initial 10m and play off that. Lose, then leave and try again later. try not to go below your initial invested amount.
  3. Just use WYD he is legit and can explain things better than I can, @WYD
  4. I've seen a lot of cases where people buy high level accounts and a few years later they get recovered. Although it totally depends on the person really, I purchased a few from a reputable person years ago and still have them, and I mean nice accounts 75 att 70 def 99 str and 75 att 1 def 99 str magic and range. So there are some, it just really depends on who you are working with. The best way is to create a lvl 3 account and just have someone do the work for you. This eliminates the chance of it being recovered down the road. I think WYD has a NMZ service where he does max combat or magic/range for a great price, I think it was 250-350m somewhere in that area and he quests and also.
  5. trick to not getting banned is to not bot.
  6. Fish bowl and or tea stalling, not sure if they are fixed but used to work for my maxed gmaulers all the time.
  7. xcendrox

    Good Gold Sites?

    sold to food4rs yesterday
  8. botting will result in bans. Don't bot if you dont wanna get banned. They have upped their systems compared to years ago.
  9. I'll but it now. message me your skype
  10. **facepalm and this is the world we live in.
  11. You are VIP-E so restart your client, it should load
  12. I don't think private scripts are refundable. Usually when I get private scripts made I ask how long is my update policy, usually 30 days free updating or 90 days. anything after the agreement I have to pay.
  13. We all paid money, not just you. So chill and relax
  14. 2 gp per vial, 4 gp for vial with water. Seems really simple to understand, 0 requirements, so you can easily get a large farm going, it's f2p so i'd assume each account can make around 25-35k per hour, and if you are running say 50 accounts, that's 1.25m per hour at minimum. This is just a ballpark figure, I have a private script that does the same except mine is p2p and is 650k an hour with slightly better margins. I'd also assume like my script this is extremely low ban rate if any.
  15. congrats man, looks sweet
  16. xcendrox

    Hello TRIBOT

    Welcome, be sure to read the rules, Tribot does not support account sales along with some other things.
  17. have you tried restarting the client?
  18. xcendrox

    Banned, Typical..

    Well you aren't VIP-E so you also didn't get to use the Human mouse movements so that could have helped a bit.
  19. I don't make an "insane amount" I make more from adsense on some websites I own but gold farming does pay for race car parts for me lol. Sometimes car insurance and or car payment. If I stay proactive when farming, I have made 200m a week and or 800m a month which isn't bad but I do know people who make much more then I. I have my own method and script so the initial cost was 250m to get the script made but it has since them paid for itself. So yes there is profit in it, just have to find untapped methods and keep them to yourself. My method consists of 3-6 items that which I seem to control the GE prices for it so when I do sell them I crash the GE so I can't unload all at once sadly.
  20. Been that way for years i think
  21. Most people usually wouldn't share the methods they use since the market for lvl 3 accounts is booming. I buy 25-50 accounts a week lol But one of the main reasons why they get locked or banned is because they see too many accounts from the same IP being made so close in a time frame. Either use more proxies or simply make 1 account, do tut island by hand, and then wait an hour and made another and they should be fine. It's when you try and make 2-4+ accounts at the same time that happens.
  22. go to your bot panel and see if you have any instances running, if so stop them. You aren't VIP or VIP-E so you can only run 1 script at a time.
  23. Perhaps it's an issue with tribot then. Not sure you noticed all the RED above stating there are issues.
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