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  1. Reason I ask is I recently completed a Harassment / sexual harassment class at work and some of the stories they went over sounded exactly like this.
  2. This isn't serious it it?
  3. Congrats!
  4. Is there any particular style you're looking for? Or just go with the flow?
  5. I'll help you with this once I get home today.
  6. Stay away from those sites. It's best to buy gold from verified or Premium sellers here and other forums, example, Bogla, Arcus. Plus when you buy china gold, the prices per million are always higher then those from the examples. Arcus also sells decently cheap accounts of which I have lots of experience dealing with them.
  7. At first it sounded like a song from Galantis lmfao SOunds pretty good man https://youtu.be/xUVz4nRmxn4?list=RDxUVz4nRmxn4
  8. first of all, what scripts are you using. Are the accounts fresh off tut island or are they aged? Have you read the plethora of tutorials regarding safe botting?
  9. I live in north Florida which by most here is considered the south. Everyone carries a firearm, it's as normal as having a cellphone in your pocket. If someone is dumb enough to try to stand in the woods outside someones home, or even attempt to scare people, it would not surprise me one bit if many people trying to prank get shot.
  10. We had one a while back, but if i remember correctly, RS did an update a while back breaking the method of checking the condition of the farming patch or something similar making it either super difficult or impossible to do.
  11. There are many tutorials on using the bot with a mac, try snooping around
  12. Not sure if that is even true or if it's them just blowing smoke. Either way I expect gold prices to rise slowly if it is in fact true.
  13. It's not that Trilez thinks you are fraudulent, it's the system that processes payments. some people just get flagged for some reason, and once you are flagged that's it for that method of payment. You can buy it credits from verified sellers here.
  14. Is this even real?
  15. i usually hand train 1-10 then proceed to use Aagility which I have never been banned by it. I'm sure others say you can bot 1-40+ agility but never did it that way,