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  1. GPU doesn't really matter, everything comes down to CPU and ram. Not sure what i5 you are running, and I always go 16g+ standard on any pc I build. I'd say 12 without LG and 6-8 with LG.
  2. This isn't necessarily true, I bought most of my accounts fresh off tut island, and I haven't been banned in months. I have a fresh account with 85 magic, and just made an account with 75 range 70 magic, both f2p. Currently I am finishing 99 magic on a dh pure I made using curse in f2p.
  3. Tends to happen when too many accounts are made with a certain IP.
  4. I paid last year since my income from gold alone was over 10k and I filed a 1099-misc . Not sure about EU/UK taxes since I am from the US.
  5. ban

    If the account is somewhat quested or aged they tend to get a 2 day ban. If you have a 2 day ban in the history of the account then you will get a Perm.
  6. what script, and does it do it with all or just the one you are using?
  7. Just trade with what ever account you want. I've never had any issues with transferring high amounts of gold to fresh accounts.
  8. I think it's a wash, Tribots been flooding with newbie botters who get banned instantly, more season botters can bot without issues. I personally haven't been banned in many months, but thats also due to a completely different reason. Just read up on some guides to see if you can learn anything you don't already know. Nice s13, you should fix that saggy front lip.
  9. Buying VIP or VIP-E only allows you to have the benefits the packages offer, That includes 0 scripts. Go to the repository and select any free scripts and they will show up. Premium scripts are additional cost. Be sure to read botting guides for safer/longer botting.
  10. I think proxies are a joke. If you want accounts to last use custom made scripts for your own methods. I bought 8-10 hours a day across 10 accounts all on 1 ip and I have not been banned in over a long time.
  11. ofcourse you can. Many don't believe in VPN anyway. I don't, and I bought 6 accounts and havent been banned in many months.
  12. if your username ingame is something you use quite often on forums and websites, it's pretty easy to find out using leakedsource and so on. I wouldnt worry too much, nothing he can do.
  13. I can bot this for 1m if you supply runes, 100% ban free.
  14. FX cpu don't have integrated graphics.
  15. Sounds like a delayed ban. Anytime you bot there is a chance of getting nailed.