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  1. Nobody likes a quitter! It seems at times jagex has upped their detection system although for me it hasn't meant anything. I have been seeing posts like this on other forums/bot sites I am on more and more as the year ends. Although for me it hasn't really effected me, I just finished a 75 att 70 def 99 str account, and a 75 att 1 def 93 att and 96 range/94 mage and have been pking on them a lot lately. I haven't really lost an account worth anything recently. Hopefully you take some time off and Tribot can improve and you return. Best of luck
  2. The fact you said you bought an account should some it up.
  3. The bot already has break handlers and everything you just stated.
  4. That's not too bad, I live in Florida and it's 30-40c 10 months out of the year, and average 80-95% humidity.
  5. Might wanna get a that post count up and get yourself known around here, it would help get your services out. Any referencs/vouches?
  6. I honestly don't really know much about the RS community, I don't remember the last time I actually spoke to someone in game. I simply bot and the only real interaction I have is trading with the gold buyer lol.
  7. @ rskingp @ Trustmybet @ Jimsky88 @ leoshiro These are just a few trusted Members who provide great services here. I am sure they will all give you a great quote on the service you desire.
  8. Be sure to have the latest java installed/updated
  9. Reason I ask is I recently completed a Harassment / sexual harassment class at work and some of the stories they went over sounded exactly like this.
  10. This isn't serious it it?
  11. Congrats!
  12. Is there any particular style you're looking for? Or just go with the flow?
  13. I'll help you with this once I get home today.
  14. Stay away from those sites. It's best to buy gold from verified or Premium sellers here and other forums, example, Bogla, Arcus. Plus when you buy china gold, the prices per million are always higher then those from the examples. Arcus also sells decently cheap accounts of which I have lots of experience dealing with them.