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  1. volcom3d

    Adventurer Script

    We should group together all the premium scripts in every skill and make an ultimate aio aio bot. You press start in tutorial island and watch it go all the way to maxed stats.
  2. volcom3d

    Scripts cant bank

    It shouldnt be too long to fix. I think
  3. volcom3d

    Email confirmation

    I tested it I tell you my results for 20m
  4. volcom3d


    I dont think theres a hook for other people's equipment. May I ask what this is for?
  5. volcom3d

    ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR]

    I know but I am running this script on multiple clients and multiple proxies at the same time and I get lost on which account was created on which proxies. Printing the name would help me a lot @erickho123
  6. volcom3d

    ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR]

    Suggestion: Please print the account name when it finishes the tutorial. It would save me a lot of time Thank you
  7. We're good this week
  8. volcom3d

    My accounts keep getting banned

    Find unflagged proxies or unlock them
  9. This is correct and should work 99% of the time. You would have to tweak it a bit for it to work 100% because of small bugs... like if the item is already selected, etc. You should verify Game.getSelectedItemName() before trying to click (watch out for npe). And add some sleep times also You can just say use, or anything that is in the game uptext. Good luck
  10. Basically: RSItem[] items1 = Inventory.find("Your item1"); RSItem[] items2 = Inventory.find("Your item2"); if (items1.length>0 && items2.length>0){ if (items1[0].click(option)){ if (items2[0].click(option)){ } } }
  11. volcom3d

    Bots filling vials with water?

    There are about 3m vials of water traded daily which means all bots combined make about 6m profit TOTAL daily. Thats a very shitty method
  12. volcom3d

    Assume Stake Bug (update related)

    Did you try closing and relaunching?
  13. Theres no way to stop it without a bot
  14. Yes you are wrong Im sorry for your loss but I can assure you it has nothing to do with me or this script I have other things to do than stealing potatoes lel