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  1. Auto Cooker [Open Source]

    If another player or random event is on the fire at rogues den it spam right-clicks the fire until the player or random event moves.
  2. You should be fine, add some pattern variation between runs; I had a 2-day ban account last 2 months longer after the ban.
  3. I second this; the script loses a lot of its usefulness without the account creation working.
  4. Looking glass detectable

    Would you be willing to post a screenshot of the custom message? I primarily use LG and have never encountered any issues with client detection.
  5. Congrats so fare mate - pattern differentiation is definitely key, mix in some legit play time with those hours and you should be golden. It's always nice seeing mutual users excited and loving this script; it's definitely one of the best in existence.
  6. Auto Cooker [Open Source]

    Click "re-run script" with the bank open.
  7. Just got my first temp ban

    It's working flawlessly with my LG clients, not sure what OP is talking about. Try and isolate the problem OP, it potentially might not be the login-bot as you suspect.
  8. Look Glass needs to update or my fault?

    I've had the same issue with LG for many months now and it never seems to impact the function or efficiency of the bot itself. It happens on my main rig and VPS', but I've never had an issue; it always hooks properly with the proxy and all client functions are operable. Edit: worth noting I run LG on Win 7/ Win 10/ Server 2012 R2/ Debian 9 - all the same issue but no functionality bugs.
  9. Add your proxies to the firewall list before starting your clients.
  10. Depending on your botting habits and how the account was made it can last for ~450+ hours of botting; I'm at 822 hours atm using only 2 accounts.
  11. TRiBot Release 9.305_11

    Thanks for the quick update!
  12. Had the same issue a couple days ago, I wasn't watching so I'm not exactly sure what phase it was on.
  13. First day back yesterday running 1 account with very minimal hours, made 10m and almost paid the script cost off! Thanks for the constant updates Worthy, best-maintained and most-flawless script here on TB.