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  1. well if fully zoomed out works ill keep it then, but cant do lava's due to low combat/no lunar wish there was lava method with earth tali's for low levels tho.
  2. can i get a refund due to script doesn't drink stamina potions for fire runes and is kinda slow and bot like at castle wars wish it would support zoomed fully out aswell.
  3. anyone else having problems with world map opening and bot struggles to close it? can it be fixed been like this for 2 weeks
  4. Lynxbro

    private scripts

    How can you find someone to make a private script for you for cash? and when you do this do they usually help fix the script if problems or after updates?
  5. Any other people with bot farms wanna share what works for them and i can share some tips whats been working for me
  6. Lynxbro

    got a question

    got a question to age an account does it age from when your create the account or does it start to age after tutorial island is finished i'd assume after tutorial island is done?
  7. anyway to auto progress level that it could head to the next course under 4 level of req of that course with summer pies?
  8. can i possible get a refund i thought i could hunt what i wanted my mistake for not trying it first >.<
  9. do yous guys think this type of script could be made should i pay someone to make one?
  10. Is there a bot out there that i can play on 1 bot account and it can control my other bots like a mirror?
  11. anyone know if u can pick up ammo with trident? mine keep's trying to wield the darts, any way around this?
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