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  1. Hey guys I'm trying to open tribot on my desktop and I get a error code 503 EVERYTIME it lets me open it up on my laptop but no my desktop can someone help??!!!
  2. I uninstalled old version of java and now when i download the loader, it is just a blank piece of paper as the icon and it says my computer does not have the right program to open this! can someone help me!?!?
  3. Is there any possible way to purchase VIP using credits?!? if so can someone help me or if someone will make trade something?
  4. im willing to pay a scripter good money, (plus tip) if he can make me the script I want, and make it flawless, I'm not greedy and will pay good money, If a couple people ill message me here or on Skype [email protected] so we can discuss business will pay good I promise, as long as the script is as FLAWLESS as it can get.
  5. Stripe is another word for credit card i figure because the stripe on the back of your debit/credit card, i might be wrong but that's what i used and got from it, hope this helped.
  6. Tribot is fucking awesome
  7. I tried starting the script on yews and it says it cant find my logs, i have 18k yew logs too.. Please HELP
  8. same thing happened to me to
  9. I tried posting in his topic but it wouldn't let me it kept saying error in data base, but everytime i start this script it just stands there and doesn't move.. someone help
  10. well i used texans alcher twice and everytime i do i've walked away for 15-20 minutes come back and i die lol.. not saying it's his fault but everytime its do to the strange plant random i don't think he updated the scripts or something, but ill try it out bro thanks
  11. i would like to buy a Alchemy bot around 5 dollars that is updated and works accordingly.
  12. Lol i turned the script on got back on a couple hours later and i was in falador at the statue by the three paths, on top of everytime i start script it says "Computing"
  13. im running a script right now with no problem guys, its been slow for me to but i finally got one to work and its doing alright for now.. but we shall see