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  1. Hey guys I'm trying to open tribot on my desktop and I get a error code 503 EVERYTIME it lets me open it up on my laptop but no my desktop can someone help??!!!
  2. cocaine_maine

    Private Script!!

    im willing to pay a scripter good money, (plus tip) if he can make me the script I want, and make it flawless, I'm not greedy and will pay good money, If a couple people ill message me here or on Skype [email protected] so we can discuss business will pay good I promise, as long as the script is as FLAWLESS as it can get.
  3. I tried starting the script on yews and it says it cant find my logs, i have 18k yew logs too.. Please HELP
  4. Lol i turned the script on got back on a couple hours later and i was in falador at the statue by the three paths, on top of everytime i start script it says "Computing"
  5. cocaine_maine

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