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  1. No, the blowpipe spec problem still isnt fixed. Only after speccing manually does it change back to my original weapons. When I start with my original weapons, it specs with my blow pipe but then DOES NOT change it back to my original weapons. I have to spec manually for it to swap it back.
  2. @ariszksks Pretty sure you weren't reported. Post on thread below instead of the thread, or it's gonna get removed like mine did
  3. Last location before getting banned?: Zulrah Skill botted?: Breaks or no? Yes If so how long?: 2-3 hours per session, 2 sessions per day How long did you bot per day?: less than 24 hours Banned before?:no Type of ban?:perm macro VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which) no Scripts Used? ZULRAH SLAYER V2 Other Bots Used?: no How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 Date banned?: 17/10/16 Fresh account/Days acc used?: A year +
  4. Hey man. There's no need to explain yourself because you're not charging a subscription fee and the initial fee was well worth it But I hope you can finally put the issue to rest as I always use LG. Thanks!
  5. It doesn't run well on LG. Works for 20-30 mins at most then gives a NullPointerException and completely stops.
  6. Mine still shows as 9.303.4
  7. Since the update the bot has become ridiculously slow. 30% less xp because it takes 3-5 seconds from a monster's death to the next attack
  8. Just got banned today after 2 hour run. Got manually disconnected then banned
  9. Hey JJ, are you still here? It's been a week. Please look at the messages above.
  10. Hey man, I really can't use the script due to the bugs mentioned above. It ALWAYS gets stuck\clicks a door within 30 minutes. I'd like a refund.
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