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  1. the script moves in the wrong directions and does not open the bank, I thought about trying it but I think it is necessary to review it and update it.
  2. Nblasfurnace Naton The best script for me is Nblastfurnace, it does everything, give 50k + 1member to an lvl3, and he will do everything for you .. it's a super independent script. play better than me xd xd works mining, coal bag, It works smithing, it makes quest. buy and sell in the GE. simply awesome
  3. I already have the coalbag using the script, only one complaint, mining arrived from 30 to 58 and I can't get the icegloves, you should place an option to take mining up to 60 and take advantage of motherloader. from the rest excellent work, I am thinking of using it for a long time. excuse my bad english
  4. hey friends, How many bots do you think I can run well on my computer? DUALCORE 2.8Ghz with 4GB of RAMDDR3. graphics card Nvidia 512Mb, Wind8.1 . My goal is to run 5 bots
  5. but how do I make them work? is there any start button? Since the script only works for blastfurnace, I don't know how to activate these new functions and I have a lvl3 that I can use to test, thanks
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