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  1. actually its .exe how do i change this?
  2. Previously used tribot trying to get back into the swing of using LG. Running OSBuddy64 with the jdk dowload recomended from link attached. Every time it goes to hook it goes black screen. OSBuddy is minimized. Any Suggestions?
  3. A break handler capable of doing multiple break lengths and setting sleep times and start time schedules it would help make tribot way more realistic. Break handler is way to simple.
  4. Not to sure whats going on here I have the same java downloaded on my laptop as this desktop and for some reason only the desktop gets this error. Any suggestions?
  5. bgitch

    error upon login

    first time back in a while and when i log in to the loader an error box pops up any suggestions? i just made sure java was up to date not to sure what to do now.
  6. Love this script. Have used it on multiple accounts at a time and have only got a few accounts banned but used other scripts too. I took some time off and came back and the only problems I see is that when running it does strange repetitive left clicks, for example clicks on mini map and then immediately goes to left click on a building but will do it the whole path. (looks very bottish with this) The only other problem is that every yew is calculated to 500gp which is not very accurate. Overall my favorite Wc script on any client too.
  7. First i don't understand why after looking glass was down for about 2 weeks we don't get reimbursed even after the client problems last month we didn't get reimbursed for either when we were told we would... But besides that i went to buy credits to return to using looking glass even though i shouldnt have to purchase it for atleast another two or three weeks due to complications with the client and there is no spot to enter my credit card info.
  8. Exactly what the title says. For the past 4 days not a single script will work all of them null of the start. Any Suggestions?
  9. Just purchased cause of banking error on sigma, Wont get past "starting" been like this for over 5 minutes already
  10. Im having a problem none of my scripts will work! Some the gui's wont load and some i can start but if i can they null and just never start. ANYBODY have ANY suggestions?
  11. I keep getting the message could not connect to specified proxy any suggestions?
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