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  1. Alright people are going to laugh probably. I'm 17, and I'm really skinny so I want to gain some muscle... Only problem is, I am suspected to have inflammatory arthritis and its in my wrists, but the pain and stiffness seems to come from my neck. I haven't really talked to my rheumatologist about working out. For years I thought it was carpal tunnel so I avoided working out and exercise altogether.. but testing shows it is not. Not sure about tendonitis and all that. I have difficulty lifting heavy things, not because I'm weak but because of the pain in my wrists. I know a botting community isn't the best place to ask, but I can't be bothered registering on a body building forum just to ask this.. Does anyone know if body building is bad with either of these?
  2. ^ you need to download devloader and I lost 12k essence and like 600k doing this, don't ask why I had so much stuff with me I babysat for a couple hours then left overnight and yeah .. was I lured? No randoms happened.
  3. Much appreciated using now how long is the beta for?
  4. This is the only video game that made me tear up - http://www.gamespot.com/barbie-horse-adventures/
  5. Well episode 197 I went on a massive binge..
  6. I was sitting drunk at a bar and saw the commercial. Looks intense, too bad I'm really busy with propane lately.
  7. I have 3.75gb well 4 but I accidentally installed a 32 bit operating system, I can run 10.
  8. Not rushing just haven't posted on this topic and wasn't sure if you remembered mine
  9. I'm watching the thenewboston videos, are they any good? He keeps saying "don't believe me let me show you guys" to everything he does FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU------
  10. Who here watches my show