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  1. Buying&Selling 07 & RS3 GP

  2. TRiBot Release 9.101_0

    gudjob to you and erik for fixing the randoms
  3. apologies for all paypal issues, hopefully this is resolved fast

  4. TRiBot Repository Version 3.0

    good job its very nice.
  5. Do not Trust - Scammer.

    1. BawsZ


      leave me alone

  6. Yoloswag/Bawsz

    i didn't create this thread to start hassle, i just wanted to say hi and thanks to the moderators seems like its caused me to lose all of my feedbacks and brought in a pack of haters but its ok thanks
  7. Yoloswag/Bawsz

    always bump into you ha, and always for the wrong reasons either me getting banned or trying to get unbanned :L
  8. Yoloswag/Bawsz

    Hi Bawsz/Yoloswag here, Thanks to the staff who have decided to unban me with a trade with caution for 2 months. I can truly say you won't regret the decision. Hopefully I will be able to slip into the market again, we'll see how everything goes. Thanks alot for the chance.
  9. Always Request a PM!

  10. The TRiBot Repository

    nice add-on, very nice you guys also please help by posting feedback on this thread
  11. Swag is my middle name