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  1. Hey All, Since the Tribot update ive been unable to get looking glass to work - as suggested by some on another thread its been advised to use the older client trying at the moment to get LG working with runelite x86 (using JDK 8 u121 x86) - however cant get the client to hook. Anyone else having similar problems? Thanks!
  2. Is the owner active? still waiting for a response on my issue before I purchase the script...
  3. trialing the bot, when I try to create a preset I am entering the correct details for Oak Larder (Larder space, Oak larder) When I press SEARCH I get a runtime error and the bot ends, see below [OMITTED] java.lang.NullPointerException [OMITTED] at scripts.constructorv2.g.A(Utils.java:120) [OMITTED] at scripts.constructorv2.f.n.A(WaitGUI.java:25) [OMITTED] at scripts.api.framework.script.impl.NodeScript.A(NodeScript.java:85) [OMITTED] at scripts.api.framework.script.core.BasicScript.run(BasicScript.java:251) [OMITTED] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [OMITTED] Thank you for using AIO Constructor v2.2 by Worthy [OMITTED] Script Ended: |w| Constructor.
  4. After update I am unable to get the bot to run, when I try to load previous GUI setups from the UI's load feature, it doenst change any of the settings. When I try to manually set the specifics again (monster, safe spot, fighting area, etc) and press 'Start Botting!' nothing happens. Thanks on a sidenote i've relaunched Tribot client a few times to ensure the client is up to date EDIT : strangely enough, its just started working - ignore me
  5. Hi - my bot is running extremely slowly - it takes about 20 seconds to pick a power surge and then is very slow at clicking specs. I have my spec set to 50% and it is only getting about 3 or 4 special attacks out of a full power surge powerup. It was running fine yesterday and I haven't changed anything on my setup, I am using a MSB (i) and I have the reference set correctly - the only thing I have changed is unticked the 'do not pickup ammo' box. Is anyone else having similar issues, or does anyone have some advise? Thanks! EDIT: I am using looking glass and playing through OSBUDDY client
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