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  1. I am older and employed, I like making scripts as it is what got me started in this industry and what thrives my passion for programming. I disagree that other bot sites have this problem, I come from the #1 competitor to Tribot and they may have an average lower quality script threshold but they do have impressive revenue statistics. That is my point exactly, it would be nice and it is expected for a paid bot for Oldschool. As long as they are receiving income from this venture they started, they should at least be able to maintain it. This is another issue which is only hurting the community further, I'm not going to dive into it to stay on topic but it doesn't benefit new members joining the community.
  2. After a brief discussion on the Tribot discord I decided to post this topic to hopefully bring attention to the inactive administrators of the forum. This community used to be great. It was the hands down, go-to bot for almost 90% of oldschool runescape botters. And it thrived back then. Active forums, active members, constant new members as well as content creators joining on a daily basis. After leaving the community for 1.5 years and returning, I've noticed a disappointing change; Admins are no longer active, the premium script market is outdated with nothing new, half the premium script forum topics are full of people complaining about bugs and what not. I'm honestly curious as to what changed and what we can do to make Tribot great again, are the admins not concerned with a competitor bot coming in and taking their customers? We haven't had an update to the client in one and a half years, that is unacceptable for a paid bot. Request updates routinely go unnoticed, even with multiple comments and approval. If you're going to charge $5 or whatever it is per month, you have to at least maintain pace of updates with your free competition. I'd love to hear the remaining active forum user's thoughts and concerns. @TRiLeZ @Usa A good outline of the current situation was posted below by @godspower33: **if a mod would be so kind to move this to any other subforum besides this reddit clone that would be great
  3. I'll try and find a better way, due to the way it was designed it may be challenging. Can you elaborate for me on the right clicking though? I find it didn't right click at all for me during testing. If you could outline specifically what obstacle and what it right clicks would be wonderful, thanks.
  4. unless you can provide an account I can write it on I cba getting the favour, sorry
  5. neutronHerblore 1. Setup Start near a bank booth (7409) Put all your herb supplies into some tab (same place) The script will automatically create unf and then finished afterwards, it will always use raw supplies first (the herb + vial) In the GUI select the potion you want to make and how many, leave at -1 for unlimited. Add Task. Cleaning herbs not yet implemented, will add soon. 2. Media 3. Repo https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2263-neutronherblore/
  6. neutronAgility 1. Setup Start anywhere on the Canifis Agility course with food in inventory. Seems very stable, first test ran 3 hours before I manually stopped. 2. Media 3. Repository Link https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2265
  7. Thanks, just basic shit like yew, magics, redwood?
  8. Need prem. scripter rank to release a couple things I've made and used privately. Will make two free scripts, whichever seem to be the most useful to community. Currently working on: canfis agility - finished wc guild - just starting Current suggestions: Brutal black drags shilling: Herblore: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2263-neutronherblore/ Agility: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2265
  9. Pretty much title. Answer: really fast. ps. mods please approve my other posts
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