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  1. I think so. Either way this is an easy fix, just allow it to open any coin pouches and drop the coins if master farmer is selected.
  2. @Laniax Does not consume coin pouch or drop coins while doing master farmer (coins can be dropped in the always drop menu, however coin pouch bugs out). Ideally it should consume the coin pouch and drop the coins together. Thanks
  3. Yes, however for some users it still isn't working including myself.
  4. here you are Xmouse_data-371799-1504560368014.dat
  5. purchased vip-e same issue
  6. So you're either in the business of losing money, or this is a scam.
  7. Hello Netami, could you add the ability to reduce the mousespeed? Thanks so much for the script.
  8. I got halo + decorative range legs using this 0 ban.
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