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  1. I thought the guys were joking, I honest did 24/7 without any breaks, from low 60s
  2. Cheers mate! every single level done with this bot ? just make sure your settings are properly custom, change EVERYTHING.
  3. any updates from the boys doing 24/7? Curious!
  4. and food, lots of food. way more important than any supplements especially at the beginning
  5. Testosterone enanthate 500mg p/w DBol 50m ED Arimidex 0.5mg eod All legal btw
  6. Ibans still wont autocast, just deposits runes into bank and hits with staff
  7. I must be doing something wrong, it goes into tomb and just gives me the notification it's "deathwalking" However it is just stood there doing nothing also unsure how to use ibans blast as it doesn't seem to set it
  8. Any bans reported on this? Really wanna try it!
  9. Please please please edit so we can use falador teleport runes, I'll buy it if that gets put in
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