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  1. I really think you should just let it play with swamp e and non e, whichever the user prefers to use, just make it so its not able to recharge the e.
  2. One more thing, what about serp helm, is there a way for it to not bring antidotes and just use the serp?
  3. I've been using vengeance but only thing that annoys me is it'll veng when snaklings are around so they usually break the veng and its waste on them for 1 hp. I wish you could use serp help without bringing anti venoms, and use swamp e instead of regular.
  4. Good script so far, but wondering if there is a way to turn off gui in case someone is trying to talk to me while im botting and i miss it immediately
  5. Great script, anyway you could implicate imbued heart?
  6. Just wondering if there was a way you could add the werewolf agility course? or is that too much? im looking for best agility per hour
  7. settings as in tribot settings?
  8. Just wondering how do i get this to stop popping up every time my bot hops worlds, and it does a lot since im using rev script.
  9. Hey man, script is pretty good, may i suggest just a hop when it notices people with craws bow stealing its kills, or even in area as its almost impossible to get kills against them with 82 range lol EDIT: just noticed when someone skulled logs in, it'll tele to edge, then run to ditch? also, why doesnt it eat the food if being attacked by pkers? just tries to run
  10. anyway you could add the option of hopping worlds when craws bows are near you as they get the kill 85% of the time, and lose money.
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