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  1. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/48739-accessdeniedexception-javapolicy/
  2. More coming soon. Xmouse_data-37097-1433011322116.datXmouse_data-37097-1433010542640.dat
  3. World hopping not working. When bot see pker, bot log out and instantly log in in same world.
  4. Hi, just want to know what is looking glass? And how i can use it?
  5. U need select Jre1.8.0_20. If u mean TRiBOT dont start.
  6. Pin bot not working for me but Login bot work. Why?
  7. Hmm, What this bot doing? http://gyazo.com/68d6865e6f24bf0f02d8cc81c44b8d26
  8. [16:35:24] Spiker Puro Puro v1,044 has started. [16:35:24] Loaded settings. [16:35:30] Saved settings. [16:35:31] You do not have a low level impling jar. [16:35:31] [557, 555, 561, 11260] [16:35:38] Caught Essence impling. Catch again wrong implings, And i set Implings to catch: Magpie Ninja Dragon. And sometimes bot walk and press wrong implings, and catch it. This bot use Snare sometimes wrong implings. E: Now [16:43:01] Caught Eclectic impling. E2:
  9. Ok, but anyway this is great script! Good job!
  10. Sometimes this catch wrong imps, and my best is 200k/h...
  11. Okay! What is good break system settings?
  12. What you mean?