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  1. i need more help XD

  2. Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    More coming soon. Xmouse_data-37097-1433011322116.datXmouse_data-37097-1433010542640.dat
  3. World hopping not working. When bot see pker, bot log out and instantly log in in same world.
  4. Looking glass

    Hi, just want to know what is looking glass? And how i can use it?
  5. TRiBot Release 9.211_0

    U need select Jre1.8.0_20. If u mean TRiBOT dont start.
  6. [FREE] wMotherload Miner [1-99] [Does tutorial island also]

    Hmm, What this bot doing? http://gyazo.com/68d6865e6f24bf0f02d8cc81c44b8d26
  7. TRiBot Release 8.09_0

    Hey guys! Put on the "development release". NO LAGG! try if you have lag and you hate it! : D (works for me, a little cpu, and does not lag.
  8. TRiBot Release 8.09_0

    TRiLeZ, Really fix this problem! This bot lag very much! Bot will slow down, slow xp. Why was not this problem before?
  9. High CPU Usage Thread

    Did you follow the guide linked above? Yes What is the CPU usage before you start a script? 5-10% What is the CPU usage after you start a script? 35-70% What script are you using? wHunter AIO What version of TRiBot are you using? Latest What version of Java is TRiBot using? Where i see it? What operating system are you using? Windows 7 Do you experience high CPU usage with other scripts? Yes 1 is aHunter What is the "Max Heap Size" set to as defined in the TRiBot Login? 256 What is your Client Paint Delay? 40 Are you running lite mode? Yes Do you minimize TRiBot while botting? yes EDIT: I do not know is it because of excessive CPU usage. But the problem was that the FPS drops down slowly so that the bot does not work. EDIT2: TRiBot use 1.7.0_45 java
  10. Reducing CPU and Memory Usage

    This is not work. Whenever the bot is on fps drops little by little.
  11. TRiBot Release 8.09_0

    Ummm... http://aijaa.com/img/b/00860/12838706.jpg
  12. USA's Lumbridge Flax Spinner [FREE]

    This script is amazing! Next 20+
  13. African Crab Killer V2.0 [Totally NEW]

    I start script but bot dont do nothing, bot only look skills and friend list.