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  1. Can Jagex link accounts that were used on the same tribot client somehow? Do you guys that use the bots ever log into your main through your tribot client log/pass? Just wondering if I make a noob and bot with him and he gets banned, can they link that noob to my main? ( I will try to change IP locations for the noobs )
  2. Oh sht. Well I just found an awesommee feature tribot provides. Was about to ask if it is available. Client > Block user input. I'm sure many of my accounts got banned when my pointer was obviously spazzing out all over the place. This is a good feature.
  3. I was wondering this same thing. Do you guys think RS can tell if we keep going to the same spot on our screen with our pointer? also if a script keeps bugging out I'm sure the same top-right location to pause/stop script helps assure them we are using a bot.
  4. haha yupp, thanks. I actually realized you can buy gold with the BTC too. So I bought gold.... now I'm looking for someone to sell me credits. Looks like this site isn't too active rn =/
  5. Skype isn't working for me cuz I have to use VPN always. Is there any other way I can contact you?
  6. Forgot I can probably buy OSRS gold with BTC lmao XD Please lmk when this is available again! I tried powerbot and their scripts suck lol I'm trying too hard to get this Tribot account cuz its soo goood
  7. Can you accept BTC one time? My old account got banned with 30m and I don't have a credit card and Prepaid Card is not working
  8. I need VIP and don't have a credit card or paypal. My old account got banned with 30m on it and i need to build up a new one so I can play again, someone pls.
  9. DarinBens


    Can I buy VIP with bitcoin from anyone? I do not trust btc with new members, only trusted members pls unless you send 6.5 credits to me first then I will send $8 btc
  10. I do not have a Credit Card I can use. How can I get VIP? My gift card from walmart did't work either
  11. I am trying to get tribot and cannot purchase with my own credit card. Can I use a Prepaid?
  12. Thanks. I should be able to receive more than 5 tho right? Anyone know where I can buy some?
  13. how do you trade credits? on my account it says 5 max. can older users send more than 5? Can I receive more than 5? None of my shit works.. can't do btc, no gift card, my own card isn't working..... How tf am I supposed to get credits??
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