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  1. Or any script/tool that allows you to customize your own options? I just need to make something that talks to a guy, selects certain dialogues and banks and repeats. I feel like I can do this myself given the proper tools
  2. GoofyMcGoof

    Looks like it will be a few more days...

    I will do
  3. GoofyMcGoof

    Looks like it will be a few more days...

    And I don't know why people panic, I know trillz is a respectable coder and he's invested a lot into this company, I see no reason why he would just let it go down the drain also one of the announcements by the mod said they would compensate
  4. GoofyMcGoof

    Looks like it will be a few more days...

    Yeah I've done most windows tweaks as well, nothing starts up, even killed unnecessary services and keep it physically clean and all that. I'm always looked for ways to improve it a bit though
  5. GoofyMcGoof

    Looks like it will be a few more days...

    Any tips how to reduce cpu usage? I use LG with firefox (seems to be less cpu with firefox) and tweak all of the settings in tribot for max performance but I still get a lot of usage per client, let me know if there's anything I'm missing
  6. Do you think we'll get compensated
  7. This forum is weird to me, I see posts about the issue but I can't find any in the last 3 days. It's like nobody cares it makes me question is some ppls tribots work and other's don't. someone please fill me in
  8. I can't find any posts about it.. it's been broken all day today
  9. Restarted java, restarted computer and it won't work at all, it's never done this before...
  10. autominer not working, fc quester also is being weird
  11. GoofyMcGoof

    Just got banned in a weird way

    its a $2 hunter script
  12. GoofyMcGoof

    Just got banned in a weird way

    First of all not complaining what so ever, it don't bother me. I usually get banned either right after logging in or it won't let me login in the morning, today my bot ran for about 5 mins before getting banned so just a warning to you guys they might have a new way of detecting things, I was using QQQchins script with LG. I'm just one person it's just weird that it happen that way b/c it never has before
  13. GoofyMcGoof

    GUI not showing up when using web client with looking glass

    Still have no idea about this
  14. GoofyMcGoof

    How do vip subs work?

    I remember I paid for VIP and then upgraded to vip-e 2 days later, and now it says I have 3 days left of VIP-e and 33 days left of vip, how did I get a free month of regular vip and when my VIP-e is up, will I be able to upgrade to vip-e again for 2 bucks or will I have to pay $8? I'm so confused lol
  15. GoofyMcGoof

    [P] blue dye script

    I need a script that makes blue dye out of woad leaf in draynor, the one on the repo has a bug where it accidentally clicks on a table and drops all of your leafs, making the script pretty much useless because you can lose your whole stock randomly. I will pay if someone can do it cheap, you have to be able to make one that prevents me from dropping all my leafs though