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  1. i dont really want a refund, just the points. he's been online but doesnt seem to want to read it
  2. i'd need the refund to a different bitcoin
  3. any1?
  4. has had like 30 confirmations so far, not looking for a refund just want the credits. If a refund is necessary i'd like it to a different bitcoin address. @TRiLeZ @Usa
  5. @NewBotterFTW still working?
  6. basically what the above said. also keeps saying detected freeze while chinning and runs off.
  7. still finding myself walking whilst alching, apart from that i'm loving this script. good job!
  8. Bought script, forgot to add username+pass so I have pmed you! sorry for inconvenience.
  9. Amazing script, full range void in 2 days! cbtexan04 is also one of the nicest people you'll meet here.
  10. Sorry i sent 2 $10 payments, 1 with a username and pass and 1 without. can you refund me one please? paypal - liam-sandy@live.co.uk