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  1. yup i just read what happened to you it seems i may be fucked email me bro.... [email protected] i would like to talk more on this thank you!
  2. i have it and it was the worst mistake ever i paid 300 dollars USD and another 26.00 USD for insurance and guess what the seller took the account back and im being told it may take up too 22 days to get my account back and i onloy have insurance for a year well i guess ill lose it again in another year when i get it back and then i cant be insured anymore fucking awesome?
  3. I ordered 8 credits how do i exchange them for extended vip or whatever it is i want the vip for 8 dollars please help me need to bot right away thank you.
  4. Cmjc420


    I ordered 8 credits can someone please tell me how i get extended vip how do i exchange my credits for vip?
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