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  1. Im not sure why but my screen shots arent coming out right? The google results that you linked me. Im having the same problem as the 2nd link. The persons name Jfkn? Or something. So if Im having the same problem as him and supposedly its native, what can I do? I went through foxyproxy, but is there certain proxy servers that work? http://imgur.com/SVdcJF8
  2. I think I did it right? No errors show up on tribot as far as I can tell. Im not too tech savvy, but Im sure I put in all the info correctly when adding my proxy.
  3. Hey guys, I recently just wanted to try out botting, just to see what it was like. I bought a proxy server / vpn from a site and input it all the info into proxy settings. So everything is fine and it logs me in. But when I try to start the client I get this message saying "java platform se binary has stopped working". Any help to fix would be cool. Thanks.
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