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  1. Updates: Thread Images Fixed For Day 1 All Content Updated Thanks, account statistics when complete will be around 50 (Attack) 81 (Strength) 1 (Defence) 70-80 (Range) 13 (Prayer) 82 (Magic) so a lot more time will be put into this account than expected.
  2. Road To Botted Pure Granite Maul Rusher (Ancients Blitz) (What Is A Granite Maul Pure) A Granite Maul Pure is an account that has 1 defence, 50 Attack and Strength (+) to wield the granite maul, and high Range/Magic/Hp. Maulers base their entire account the weapon, you guessed it, the Granite Maul. The reasoning for this is its special attack, instant smash, kills very effectively. Basically a Mauler is the exact same thing as the standard 60 Attack pure, but with 10 less Attack levels. This will make your account more unique, and also a lower Combat. (Quest/s Requirements) (Last Update/s) (Progress)
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