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  1. a lot of proxies have a username but no password does virmach require you to bind the proxy to your IP? a lot of times, if the proxy doesnt have a password, they require you to go on a contorl panel and 'lock' the proxy to your computers real IP, so that nobody else can use it.
  2. hey im no expert; but im a Computer Science major in uni. Im pretty nifty at making tribot scripts; but theyre all private so i don't have a scriper rank. If you want free help; i would be happy to help. I may not be an expert; but i like helping and tutoring new java students because teaching really is the best form of learning. Im good enough to help you create pretty much any tribot script you are interested in; And ill do it for free. If a seasoned expert shows up, it might be worth paying them for some help; But if you are brand new, im sure i can teach you a ton . ill add you on Skype; but ill pm you my skype address so you know its me and stuff. i am a student so dont have a ton of free time; but i should be able to give you at least an hour or two of skype call a day if you want. But am almost always available for quick questions on skype chat
  3. is there a way to check skills? like eating at a certain hitpoints; or drinking a pray pot at a certain prayer level
  4. from what ive seen on this guys other posts; He hasn't played runescape for so long, that he actually does not know what the grand exchange is. On other posts he was asking which world was the 'varrock trading world'. So its confusing the way he words it; but he doesn't know where to get the supplies, because he does not know what the grand exchange is. im guessing he quit for multiple years and just came back. Just walk north of varrock west bank; you can buy and sell any tradeable item in the game on the grand exchange
  5. how can i implement a 'make all' into something?
  6. confused as how i get it to click an interface: it has space for 3 variables; but i only know the interface parent and child id? would be nice to add a click (x, y, offset) feature; currently trying to make teleportation using interfaces and kinda complicated XD lovley work! this script is amazing so far!
  7. seems that skipping tasks with points is broken; as the GUI changed when they added the 'extend' tab. currently tries to run to burthrope for every task it skips; which will end the task streak ill update this post if i find more bugs; thanks for keeping it up for so long!@
  8. a long time ago i purchased Assumes AIO Combat premium; and it still shows on my purchase history, but the script is not showing up in my script manager. when i search for it in my 'active scripts' on the website; it also does not appear; even though the script is displayed in my 'active subscriptions'. reporting as a website error instead of client error because it seems that i just need something on the auth modified; and i hear that scripters dont have control over the auth system. thank you!
  9. is banking fixed by Trilez yet? i would just manual bank; but cant remember what the bot wants in inv
  10. ive gotten 85 no ban; and i was running it stupidly at some times. It has been an extremely perfect script; could easily get 99 and nearly no chance of ban; while also profiting and maxing combat. Just wait for Trilez to fix banking; Mute is doing the best that he has control of.
  11. this is still broken; I feel like a coordinate click could be substituted for the chat option. In status it recognizes when it has 'Searched the coffin". after that step it could just click continue; logically continue will always be available after 'searched the coffin' (and it knows that one is the tunnel)
  12. Bump.
  13. The west Fally mine is closer to the Fally furnace and Doric's anvil than the Al-Kharid mine is to the Al-Kharid furnace and Varrock's anvil, easily. I have illustrated it here: http://gyazo.com/8aebefb318c87eff97f1588842b9d22f As far as everyone else asking if I am asking for this to be a private script, if you read my post I implied it would be a premium script...Nowhere did I say I wanted it private. "$10 [$15 if optional method is included], but I know for certain that other people with Ironman accounts will be willing to pay that price as well for a unique script that can net decent experience in both mining and smithing."
  14. Request: - Falador Miner and Smither Description: - Script that starts off at the Falador mine west of the west bank (near the dark wizards tower). It will prompt the user for what bars and items it wants to create or if it wants to just powermine ore, and whether to keep the product or drop it. Then it mines an inventory of iron/coal ore, and then walks to the Falador furnace. The script smelts either iron or steel bars. It will then either take the bars to Doric's anvil to smith the item, or if the user chooses cannonballs, it will smith cannonballs at the furnace. Then it will walk back to the mine after either dropping or keeping the items. Rinse and repeat. [Optional: Another part of the script that fixes the waterwheels in Motherlode Mine for smithing experience and hops worlds methodologically.] Payment Amount: - $10 [$15 if optional method is included], but I know for certain that other people with Ironman accounts will be willing to pay that price as well for a unique script that can net decent experience in both mining and smithing. Payment Type: - PayPal Time: - ASAP
  15. No, it stops flicking altogether for no reason. There is no lag when it happens. What seems to happen is it will hover over rapid heal but never actually flick it, and seemingly give up after that point.