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  1. Would hate to lose it. Not looking to bot anything crazy just a bit. If proxies would keep em completely separate I think itd be worth the piece of mind.
  2. Was thinking of getting a better PC, and using it to also bot on. If I use proxies on the tribot client, will it keep my main safe on the same PC?
  3. Toasty Jad

    VPS size?

    Ok. Il look into a VPS that can host a proxy, not the most computer inclined (I know thats like being a whore in a catholic church on here) but im working on it. I appreciate your help
  4. Toasty Jad

    VPS size?

    Thats a huge heads up lol thanks. So I should stick to a Windows one? New to this so not sure if I need to get 5 vps with 5 vpns or 1 vps with 5 vpns somehow.
  5. Toasty Jad

    VPS size?

    Sorry to bother again, would I need a proxy/vpn for the VPS? or would I be fine buying a bunch of cheaper VPS for each account.
  6. Toasty Jad

    VPS size?

    Ok thanks for the help
  7. Toasty Jad

    VPS size?

    Looking to get a VPS to host up to 5 accounts running zulrah bots. What size VPS should I be looking at? is 2gb ram with a 50gb ssd be enough or do I need something more?
  8. Toasty Jad


    Was wondering what everyone was doing for raids? im not with anyone, so it would cool if anyone wanted to add me. Ive got an account that hasnt been botted. 70 Hunter, 65 fishing, and skilling is still rising. Pretty low combat, lv 49.5 but Skilling is what im better at.
  9. Is it pretty much necessary to use LG to not get banned? Im not botting more than 6 hours a day probably.
  10. Toasty Jad

    Looking Glass?

    So im new to botting with Tribot, I bought VIP (Whatever the $8/month thing is) and I had some questions. Im no programmer by any stretch, so bear with me a bit. SO ive been running this hunter script to level up my main hunter, and I keep seeing everywhere things about looking glass. Im assuming its a better way not to get banned, but when I try to launch a tab with it in my client, it says "You must run Tribot using Java JDK in order to use Looking glass" any help on that? Also, what are some of your tips for botting? I know no suicide botting, ive read abit about mules and such, buy just some things a newer person might need to know Thanks in advance for the help -Toas
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