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  1. I made an Ironman 3 weeks ago and have now gotten 99 firemaking with AutoWintertodt Pro and 91 fishing at barb assault with this script. Encoded’s scripts are the best. I would continue botting till 99 fishing but I don’t really care that much and wanna start playing the account. Glad I got 2 cancer grinds out of the way thanks to Encoded’s scripts. Wish @Encoded would make a Thieving script
  2. You didn't get banned from this script for only 4 hours of play. I've botted 40-91 fishing 10-12 hours/day for past 2 weeks and haven't been banned
  3. @EncodedI thought it was working fine but it started doing it again, I guess lighting the brazier is broken currently.. Will still just spam the brazier as soon as game finishes forever until next round starts.
  4. Yeah I turned off lighting/fixing brazier to see if it works correctly still. Would rather keep going than wait. Yeah @Encoded I turned off light brazier/fix brazier and its working fine, I guess the update broke the "Light Brazier" option and it will just spam click the brazier after a game finishes. Hope you can get that corrected soon. Thanks for the great script.
  5. I don't know how often this occurs, but I was just babysitting the bot and the Wintertodt round ended but the bot was in the process of trying to relight the brazier as it ended and then it just kept spamming the brazier even though the game was over. @Encoded I restarted the client and script 3 times and now the script is just continuously trying to spam light the brazier after every game finishes. Everything else works fine but it's legit spamming the brazier as soon as the game finishes and the paint says 'Lighting Brazier'
  6. @YoHoJoThis is a premium script and it has been down for 2+ days and the scripter is no where to be found. Can you please contact him? Kind of ridiculous.
  7. For anyone that can answer this.. At Sand Crabs does the bot know when to re-aggro on its own? How do I set it to bank at Sand Crabs? Lastly, I noticed the eating option on the client says Eat at "..%", shouldn't there be an option to eat between certain %'s as eating at the same % every time is kind of suspicious
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