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  1. I'm sure we can wait and see how long it is until the client comes back up, it's just been a few hours so likely the equivalent of a few cents per person. Let's not start banging on doors yet!
  2. Good luck, the development work and quick communication is appreciated!
  3. Thank you for the quick response! I figured it was a client issue but the quick response is appreciated regardless.
  4. Same here, my other bots are also not working (e.g. tri combat)
  5. @Tri A suggestion for the taverley dungeon: currently when it goes to do blue dragons, if you don't have 70 agility and need to use the dusty key on the gate, the bot will right click the key and click on the door to use it. While walking to the door to do so, it'll repeat that action of right clicking and using on the door, but by then the character is through the door. As a result, the character goes back and forth through the door four or five times. Can this be fixed to simply click on the door, rather than "using" the key on it, and then waiting until the door has been passed through? If the key is in inventory, the door will open regardless of whether or not the key is "used" on the door.
  6. When safespotting baby green dragons, the script gets stuck clicking on the wrong spot (thinking it is the safe spot). This happens in a variety of spots, and will not fix itself if the script is left to run. Here is a photo... The green X is where the safe spot actually is
  7. Is this script still supported..? I can't even figure out how to get the bot to bank. Using the preset location under "looting" as webwalking system ends up with the bot getting stuck fairly frequently. Is it only possible to bank from a preset location? It didn't want to bank when killing werewolves at the bar in Canifis. The bank is right next to the bar? It's good for killing stuff, but the bot seems to need a lot of baby sitting.
  8. Hi all, I'm having an issue at Edgeville hill giants. I am using a bone xbow and bone bolts. The bot will attack a hill giant, kill it, and think it is engaged in combat for another 30 sec or so. Sometimes longer. The proggy will say "FIGHTING." This wasn't an issue when I was training combat at all. Any tips? Thanks! edit; I'm using a looking glass client
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