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  1. when hunting swamp lizards after about 30 mins it uses 10 fishing nets and rope. Please fix
  2. hunter z x3

    |w| Zulrah Slayer [1-3m+/hr] [ABC2][ABCL10][LG][V2]

    Hi i'm 105+ cb and i am only getting 600k per hour as it dies alot. any suggestions? i am wearing void for range to ahrims switch Edit: it has died alot on jad phase as it wont eat when pray switching therefore the offspring kill me. Also it ends and it says its out of prayer potion (4) when i have over 40 of them in the bank
  3. hunter z x3

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    here you go, here is 1 mouse data collection Xmouse_data-36867-1430858290180.dat
  4. Hi is there any chance you could add something that allows me to only fight one at a time? its just i use it on my pure without prayer. Thanks
  5. Bot has stopped looting arrows/knives. I have double checked Id's, set loot times etc. It was working yesterday
  6. Hello Just wanted to tell you that the Waterbirth, north spot is very bot like. Here is a couple of things I would like changed 1. it steps on crabs as soon as they appear which is strange 2. should wait inbetween the three crabs and attack ones that it has made aggressive but have walked off. Thanks, everything else is spot on.
  7. hunter z x3

    [NEW] [Ranged] ftwChinner [flawless] [intelligent] [GUI]

    if i buy this now is it currently bug-free and can i chin straight away without waiting for some fix? thanks
  8. lost pickaxe head within 5 mins of running and leaving it to run.
  9. hunter z x3

    JadHelper - v0.1

    this working i need it badly ?? im at jad lol
  10. took a good 20-30 secs to click boat landing to entrana edit: on law running, house tabs
  11. Botted over night and was sat at edgeville doing laws on house tab method, must of been stood there atleast 7 hours and did not log out.
  12. Sometimes clicks karamja teleport at mounted glory instead of draynor wont click tab again..
  13. hunter z x3

    Law RuneCrafter

    Have the ID's been fixed yet?
  14. Yeah uses 2-4 tabs -.-