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  1. I can long onto my other accounts, and have been playing them while my bot got kicked, i'm not mad, only like 3m will be taken, just shitty that a place I pay money to is the only place that could of done it.
  2. Funny, If i had malware why didn't my other accounts get hacked, How does it magically sign me out of my account and someone's on it real fast, I never give out my password. I'm not dumb enough to fall for a phishing site... the only thing I do is bot on that account, nothing else. that's the only account I bot on as well
  3. Nvm it's not tribot's fault
  4. Hey I bought this script alittle less than a week ago, it's been working great! I've been having an issue when I tried to start it, I'm at the fishing guild, trying to fish sharks at the second pier, and when I start it, It just keeps going to the bank. the Bot debug says "Could not load human mouse data. Reason: mouse data encryption key not found." Any help? thank you!
  5. Great script! I have noticed a bug. When it logs out, from being afk to long and while crabs are aggressive, and logs in the crabs will sit there and attack, but even with auto retaliate on, it just stands there while getting attacked. Anyone else having this problem? The only way I can fix is if I manually click on my attack style or another tab there.
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